Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 days!

I think I should be listing down all the things that I should bring to the trip coming.  I really don't like and hate handling all this.  It would be super good if there is someone there to help me arrange everything and I don't have to worry this and that.  I'm really a coward. fml.

Let's see where I should go in KK (Kota Kinabalu), I feel I'm carry a very huge responsible to make sure they are comfortable and enjoy in the whole trip.  It is like stress and tension la and my feeling now is like I'm going to Labuan to study! wtf.  (hate this feeling!)

I am going to stay for 2 days in KK and another 2 days in Kundasang then back to Peninsular.  But I don't know anything about these 2 places although I have been there once or twice because most of the time friends were my tour guide or else there always be someone who plan everything and I will just follow.  Sigh.  Now is my turn to plan all that and my family has to follow.  The feeling really sucks.

So first place I think of in KK is Gaya Street.  It is the famous pasar pagi in KK so I think the place should be the MUST GO PLACE.  At least show them how their pasar pagi looks like.  Seriously Gaya Street is so much different than the Peninsular's pasar pagi!
And then I got no idea where to go anymore.  (shame on me)

When I declare to my family that I don't know roads in KK nor Kundasang, bro said I better don't tell people out there that I have studied in UMS but I must mention I studied in the branch campus which is located in LABUAN.  fml.

And then in Kundasang.
As I remembered I went to here, there and here.  FML I couldn't remember all the places but I can remember what I did there.  First go to a place with the name HOT SPRING, not idea the exactly name and I don't want to Google it yet.  Second, strawberry farm (I don't think I will bring them there).  Third, cow farm (I think this is the must go place and I should go on the first day so they can buy some milk back hotel to drink on the next day!), we love milk, so I think we must go there.  And then maybe the memorial park which last time we didn't get to go and the place where we can see the whole KK mount.
Okay I know some of the places but the problem is I am not sure whether I know how to reach there or not.  Pray hard hard that I can return back to Kuantan safe and happy.

Oh God please send me a free tour guide for me so I can play and enjoy till the max during the trip!

ps: thanks to Debbie who help me to take Jubah (no idea what it calls in English)!  

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