Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Oh Friday...

Guess my mood is always changeable according to the weather.  I couldn't wake up early like I used to be today.  (I always wake up at around 6.30am no matter I'm working or not) I woke up at 7am something.
Then start with my daily routine which I have to do everyday at the moment.

Gosh, I really shouldn't let the weather to become the controller of my mood!  >.<  Suddenly the neighbor who usually paid to become driver of my sister to school and back from school called me and asked me whether I'm free.  I straight away pop-up all possibilities of why she came to find me in all sudden.  AND yes!  I was right, she wants me to pick up my sister later at 12pm.  I feel that she is so ridiculous!  We pay her but most of the time when her kids are not going to school or when only my sister who being hardworking goes to school, she will ask us to pick her back ourselves.  I really don't understand why she wants to act like that.  If we have to pick up ourselves then why we have to pay you?  Am I right?
(Not a small amount you know we have to pay her.  Some more pay her per month leh...)
Gosh, I realized that I know what I should really feel but sometimes I just can't control my feeling.  It is something like my EQ is not high enough and I think my feeling controls me rather than I'm controlling my own feeling.  I think I should really learn to calm down and chill down before I explode.

Friday is the happiest day of the entire weekdays because it is the last day of weekday and then there comes the weekend where we can hang out and sleep for the entire day!  Too bad I still have to wake up and go morning exercise with mommy.  Oh but I already rejected her just now that I'm not going for morning exercise tomorrow cause I feel I'm going to sleep till really late tomorrow. (I'm lazy)

Today sis had a quarrel with daddy.  She said I always help him but the problem is whenever how he scolds us (three of us, bro, sis and I), none of us should shout back to him because he is our father!  No matter you think how irresponsible he is, he is still your father!  Sigh, I'm so sad that she misunderstand me that I ignore her feeling and care about my daddy.  I care both of you!  *sobs*

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