Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Me

I'm so hardworking updating my blog everyday.  I have to bring back the spirit of blogging like I used to update blog everyday.  (really never realized that I used to update blog everyday.)  Now I start to wonder how I thought of new topic everyday for my blog while now I got no idea what I should share.  fml.

Had nightmare last night.  Guess it is so true that I never sleep without dreams.  I dreamt about that I almost missed the flight.  I was still at home and after an hour is our departure time but I still haven't pack my clothes.  That dream was so damn weird and I got stressed up.  I quickly called the car rental on the next morning to confirm everything.  (yes I'm so kiasi)

Today a friend of mine came to find me in all sudden (okay, I know he likes me. wtf. ).  We chit-chat and then I told him I have one in my heart where I only know him recently.  The friend taught me how to court the guy I like, that's sweet of him!  Alright, I don't think I will be so good to give something I like most to others unless my mood is super good.  (guess he is in good mood too!)  
Why am I sharing all this here?  Lol!!!

Anyway, the convo thingy make me super nervous and don't feel good.  Because I start to worry this and that especially when I don't know the way of going here and there in KK.  I used to walk there but not drive there! 
I heard we are invited to dinner on the night before our convocation but since friends are not going and I haven't find a dress for the night so I don't think I will be going neither.  

Recently so many things to be settle down, I mean things that related to my future and my mental.  Guess living in 'too free' life is actually causing sickness too, I mean mental sickness.  I will always think of unnecessary questions and start to feel emo and then go sleep and then whole day passed like that.  Boring...

Now I miss the life where I have to work in the morning and night.   
Tired but meaningful.

ps: human never appreciate on what they have. :x

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  1. hello wong cai yi!! how are you??