Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Doctor?

Went for morning exercise this morning.  It has been 2 days I didn't do any exercise which has actually become my daily routine after I come back from University 3 months ago.  (don't expect me to look super slim now because I'm still look exactly the same as the one 3 months before)  
I don't bring water when I go for morning exercise especially when go climb Bukit Pelindung because I can hardly feel thirsty.  (I drink after I back home)
This time I didn't drink water even after I back home, and then I had curry noodles that bought by my brother.  Guess that's why I got headache for the whole afternoon + evening and now.  FML.

So ended up I got headache since afternoon.  I went to sleep and hoping to feel better after I got up but still the same, the headache still suffering me.  I didn't bother about the pain and keep doing my stuffs.  It didn't become better but become worst, I can feel my head was super heavy.
Friends asked me to seek for doctor and take medicine.  The problem is I don't take medicine especially paracetamol.  AND if I seek for doctor, I believe the doctor will also give me paracetamol.  So what is the difference of seeing doctor or not?  The main thing is I don't want to take any medicine.

Friends around me keep telling me that I look like a young lady but my thinking is actually like an old woman.  wtf.  Because usually old people do not like to seek for doctor and I don't like to seek for doctor.  That's why.

ps: preventing myself from seeking doctor by staying healthily.  

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