Monday, October 8, 2012

Preparation For Convocation

Alright is my turn!  I really feel nervous every time when whoever mention this in front of me.  AND I tend to get annoyed because I feel damn tension whenever I hear the word convo.  FML!
But I know no matter how annoyed I feel I still have to face it because this will be the special day to me where I can wear square hat and throw the square hat up high!  (and that time really officially say bye bye to the world of naive and MUST say hello to the cruel world.)

I heard all other University have their rules and regulation for the convocation.  They have to pay this and that  to attend the convocation too!  I didn't know anything about this or information about this from my own University until that day one of my friend told me that we have our dress code for the convocation.
Have to wear long sleeves blouse and cover toes shoes.  (for girls la)
I don't have long sleeves blouse because Malaysia is too hot for me to wear like that, plus my arm is so big where I can hardly find a suitable one.  So I didn't want to follow the dress code at first, but mommy said it will be my big day that day so I should make myself look pretty and good on that day.  

She brought me out to buy long sleeves blouse and also a pair of shoes.  From the picture above, written there that high heels is not encourage so I decided to wear the flat black shoes where I used to wear during my internship.  BUT mommy said the flat one will be ugly because shoes with a little bit of heels will make the overall look nicer!  So she insisted me to buy a pair.  (where to find this kind of mommy, don't jealous. =p)  
And so, I bought the long sleeves blouse and a pair of heels.  Damn satisfied!

So, hotel in KK already booked, hotel in Kundasang already booked by my IT supervisor's friend (seriously thanks to him introduce a nice KK resident to me. =D) and the most important is the car has already settled. Of course flight ticket is the first thing to be settled.  Tell you secretly, I was so tension when settling all this until I even scolded and throw temper on my mom!  Luckily she understands me and asked me to settle all this earlier or else I will be super kelam-kabut now.

Now is the time to wait.  But I don't know why I got the strong feeling of I don't hope the time to come.  Sigh.  I also don't know why.

ps: will take a picture of my attire during the convocation.

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  1. If you scroll further, you'll see guests are bound to their formal dresscode as well