Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KK / KL Trip, Day 5

So fast and it came to the last day staying in KK.  I mean another half day before heading back to Peninsular.  The feeling was so weird, I kinda reluctant to go back to Peninsular.  Uncle Lee was so nice that he brought us for breakfast before we went to Airport.
Uncle brought us to the terminal bus station of KK and we had breakfast there.  
We actually tried both tuaran mee and sheng nyok mee (both are not halal), but I forgot to take picture of sheng nyok mee because we were starving.  When I remembered to take picture, I realize my bowl was already empty.  >.<  
Like what uncle said, go ask local for tasty food.  Don't blindly go search from the Internet because most of the time tourists tend to hunt for famous food but they don't know where is the best local food.

After breakfast, uncle straight away fetched us to KKIA, we waited our flight there.

Did I mentioned that KKIA is the second busiest airport in Malaysia after KLIA?  Oh yeah, it is.  But anyway, I don't think KKIA is big enough to become the second busiest airport in Malaysia.  It is so so so much smaller than KLIA!  Sorry, no offense.
By the way, I bought some duty free chocolate that made from Sabah (flavour: durian! who says I can't bring durian into plane, I bought durian chocolate! wtf).  I wanted to buy a female local shirt but sorry, I'm too fat on it.  sobs...

After few hours time, finally reached KLIA.  Didn't call relatives nor friends to pick us up from the airport.  I wanted to go to one of the LRT station and asked someone to pick us up there, but mummy insisted to straight away go uncle's house by cab because we had to carry lots of bags along.  
(I wished I have private driver. wtf)

Didn't do anything once reached KL, but went out to buy vegetables with auntie at night.  I like Jusco, because their vegetables are so fresh and omg I can cook so many things with the ingredients selling there.  (why I sounds like si lai so much!?)  Anyway, I am so happy when my little cousin's auntie thought I'm her classmate.  (I'm not sure whether I look young or she looks old, but of course I prefer the first one!  Who wants to be old?  #okay.jpg, I know someone wants to be old because she is only 30+ and she keeps saying that she is 40.  -_-)

Anyway, I don't think KL has anywhere to go except for shopping and have a nice dining meal in restaurant that I can't find in Kuantan.  So I guess the rest of these few days will occupied with shopping fever.  XD

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