Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I went to this website (jenjobs.com) last few days to look for some jobs.  I feel so guilty for being a lazy girl at home.  Now I can feel the fats in my body is so active and they are generating more fats.  fml  
Don't you think I'm joking please, I'm telling the truth!  Real truth where I sit down everyday rather than walk around due to some reason.  Not excuse la, but even if it is an excuse also is because the excuse is reasonable.  

So as I said earlier, I went to find jobs online.  First I went to google search for jobs and I found one of the website jenjobs.com.  I found a job description there and I applied.  So the company called me up today.  I missed the 2 calls from them and I just ignored the miss calls although I got the strong feeling that they might be the company that I applied for.  
Nehmind, they called me back after few hours.  

Guess what?  I talked with the caller for nearly an hour!  #fuckyeah.jpg
We talked about my resume (need to do correction on my resume), talked about her rabbits, talked about india's food, talked about this and that.  We talked a lot and who knows at the end I need to have face-to-face interview with the Kuantan branch manager.  SO THE CALL WAS JUST TO INFORM ME THAT THEY VIEWED MY RESUME AND THEN SUDDENLY WE CHIT CHAT FOR THAT LONG.  WTF.
Surprise me that the caller is so nice and friendly.  If not I also wouldn't be able to talk to her so long la.  hahaha

So at night I went out to talk again with my friend who just came back from KL.  She said she has story to tell and since I will be not around for so long, so I think maybe we should meet up before I leave.  AND I HAD SOMETHING HORRIBLE! (not horrible as in not nice la, but horrible as in I took supper. wtf)
Fattening enough plus I skipped my exercise for 3 days without stop eating all those junk food.  This time really fml and also proven with the legit that emo = eat.  wtf.
So tomorrow really have to work out or else I shall kill myself.  wtf.

ps: the caller said I look different from the profile pic in Facebook and the profile pic in the jenjobs.com.  I told her that's all about editing.  LoL!

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