Sunday, October 14, 2012

Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendly, short form of environmentally friendly.  As you can see the whole world is now practicing this campaign where people on the Earth are asked to reduce the usage of plastic (especially plastic bag) and try to save more electricity like turn of the computer or light if you are not using it.  

The sad story is although the campaign is still going on but I can't see people who really practicing this.  Malaysia has 'summon' all the citizens of Malaysia to practice this healthy lifestyle by starting the campaign of 'NO PLASTIC BAG ON EVERY SATURDAY'.  The government even makes the rules of if those who use plastic bag on Saturday (like you didn't bring your own plastic bag or recycle bag and used the plastic bag given from the super market or mall) have to pay RM0.20 for the plastic bag.  I was like rich people do not care about that RM0.20 la!

Just now I went to a bakery shop to buy bread with mommy.  Since we only buy 2 types of bread which I can still hold them with my hands, so I told them not to give plastic bag.  Guess what one of the staff there said.  She said today is not Saturday!  I told her: it doesn't matter whether it is Saturday today or not.  
I really feel wanna kick her ass and ask her: DO YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE THE EARTH?

People, if you bring your recycle bag on Saturday why can't you bring your recycle bag on the other days too?  You are afraid to spend that RM0.20 for plastic bag but why you are not afraid to lose the whole Earth?  Really beh tahan.
It is not the first time you know.  Whenever I bring recycle bag out and refuse to use their plastic bag, they will laugh at me and tell me that today is not Saturday!  There is no such thing that you can only love the Earth on Saturday!  Shame on YOU!

People are now anti-LYNAS, ANTI-radioactive, but they never think of that actually they are doing things that also harming their future generation.  They thought all the radioactive can cause cancer this and that but they never think hurting the Earth, our home!  
So sad.

ps: let's reduce the usage of plastic bag! =D

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