Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KL Trip, Day 6

I guess I am the only one who have such long holiday for convocation.  What to do, I got no job!  Nothing to be proud of, because I'm jealous on those who have things to do everyday right now.  (Of course some of you might jealous on me because I can do anything I like.)  

Yesterday one of my cousin said she wants to watch movie in the cinema in Leisure Mall.  She said the movie only on screen in that mall (which is the nearest mall from her house).  Since it is not far away and I'm pretty boring staying at her home, so we went out.  Mommy drove.  I don't like to drive when mommy is around.  I don't know why.  And so, they went for movie while I continue with my shopping fever with sis and mommy.
(please ignore my flesh... wtf)

I tried the dress from F Block.  I can't believe I found their online store!  By the way, I like their style there!  I mean more on Korean style which also a trend now!
Okay, I bought a blouse, sis bought a shirt and mommy bought a shirt.  (Mine is the most expensive one! fml) Anyway, I don't think clothes there is expensive cause they only cost less than RM60.  I think the price is reasonable because with the quality, other shops might have sell more than that!

Leisure Mall is not very big, fashion stuffs are not much but food are around the corner.  I didn't take lunch so I had my lunch there at nearly 4pm...
Oh by the way, when I was waiting for cousins I bought books from Popular Bookstore.  Never know that I will buy books from Popular because Kuantan has the same book store too!  Anyway, I bought.
And I finished reading it before I come back to Kuantan.  >.<
Wait, don't misunderstand...  Only a book!  The purple one only.  The I only touch few pages.  (It belongs to sis! )

What I did at night?  
Online, online and online.  wtf.

ps: so lifeless.

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