Monday, November 12, 2012


People on the Earth are funny and cute of course.  Last year on the same date, 11.11.11, the only different is the year of both dates.  One is 11.11.11 and the other one is 11.11.12.  Yeah, last year was 2011 and this year is 2012.
Yeap, I'm telling crap. =p

Everybody seems to have awesome 11.11.11 last year.  I know it is rare to get that date because it has to be 100 years once.  But I didn't have awesome 11.11.11 like everybody did, I don't remember what I did on that day actually.  So I went to Facebook and see what I did on that day.  Well, all were about status and commenting others!!!  Lol!!!
People out there were thinking that 11.11.11 were awesome and I was in front of my laptop, watching drama and Facebooking for the whole so 'meaningful' day.  Hahahahaha!

If you really notice, I don't really have much friend back in University life.  I seldom hang around with others although I wish to so much because I don't really like to go hang with a gang that I'm not very close to alone.  You know what I mean.

So people were posting that 11.11 is a special day where those who are still single should go confess to your crush.  Me?  I did that long time ago and I don't think I should remind him of that, later he has nightmare. :x
So there was a picture which bring the meaning that if on 11.11.12, nobody confessed to you, then share the picture.  AND since nobody confess to me, so I ma share la, no harm one ma...
Small sis was so cute, she immediately confessed to me at the comment bar!  So someone confessed to me on 11.11.12, at least there were someone right. =p
Hahaha!  Just something random where I feel wanna blog about la.  People celebrate this as super special day but I just stay at home and edit my blog and 'he' is now half naked. wtf.

I wanted to do like everybody out there share the picture of asking someone (maybe stranger) to be the partner for a day, but nah... I scared too much of them out there asked me then how I gonna reject them! Lol!!!  (seriously the face is thicker than crocodile skin. wtf)

Conclusion, my 11.11.12 wasn't awesome but I managed to make 'someone' half naked.  XD
How about you?

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