Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just Some Updates

I had been so negative lately, I mean real negative that I realized the smile on my face is fake.  People said when you smile is fake, your eyes wouldn't be able to smile too.  But I'm different because whenever I smile sincerely or when I don't smile sincerely, my eyes are still smiling because I have a smile eyes. wtf.

When you are negative, try to charge up yourselves with something positive, but make sure that the positive is more than the negative you have because if you have the same amount of positive as the negative, it will be neutral. wtf.
I'm crapping by the way.
Anyway, I still couldn't really accept that he had already changed his 'house address' but I the scene of him lying in the coffin keep showing up in my mind that telling me he has gone.

So many of this negative incident happened.  I don't feel good, I don't think friends of mine feel good too so I decided to go Singapore to have a walk there.  Actually the main purpose is to celebrate little cousin's birthday, but suddenly all that happened, I am glad that I made the decision earlier that I want to go Singapore so I can take this good opportunity to relax myself, put down all the burden.

So, I wouldn't be able to online that often and I don't think I will be able to use my phone there too!  If you want to find me, just whatsapp me or line me or viber me or inbox me in facebook!  I will try to connect to the Internet if I get into wifi-zone. =)

Take care.

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