Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me No More Prettie

Beauty is always important to me, of course not beauty as in 100% perfection la. (I know I'm shallow) But at least the basic of the beauty is a must, wouldn't you think that too?  For example ah... Er... Okay, you don't have nice body shape like models have, so don't wear those clothes that will show your ugly body shape, wear something that can cover your fats but can show something nice from your body.  But of course in health sense, ugly body shape is not a matter, as long as you are under the healthy range of BMI then it is enough. 

Recently don't know what happen to me or because of the stupid weather that turn cold and hot suddenly until I can't really get use to the hot cold weather.  I got an mini ulcer in my mouth which actually symptoms of heat inside the body.  Guess I really have to drink lots of water as like pouring water every hour.  (better stay in the toilet la. wtf)
Not just inside my mouth, but also my face!
I know I look pale and can you see? my face is full with pimples.  Forehead, chin, and even beside my eyebrow.
I don't think that's pimple, because it is super huge and I can feel my eye swollen because of that.  So I think it might be skin sore. fml.
Usually when a person got skin sore, that's mean there are high amount of toxin in the body.  Guess I have to do a inner body clean up one day to clear all the toxin so I can be pretty from the inner of me (as in healthy la haiyo!).

ps: wanted to have peanut porridge for lunch but mommy said peanut is 'poison' so only white porridge with vege.  sobs

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