Thursday, November 1, 2012

KL Trip, Day 7

It is not supposed to be KL Trip actually.  It supposed to be Selangor Trip wtf.  Doesn't matter, let's continue.
I supposed to have night gathering with Juon and Lynn on Wednesday night which on the 5th day in KL but Lynn got training and Juon got something on, so everything canceled and I stayed in the house. wtf.

Never mind, the gathering was replaced with girls' outing on the 7th day.  They were so nice knowing that I'm super nerd because I don't know how to go around in KL.  I don't even know how to go from a place to another place with LRT.  I know you wouldn't believe this, but this is true!  I never go out alone in KL, not to mention LRT.  Gosh...  Every time when I have to go somewhere by LRT, I wouldn't be alone, I mean someone will be there accompany me to the destination!  Yeah, lucky me but at the same time, shame on me.

Okay stop talking about me.  So that day was girls' outing.  Debbie and Lynn went out with me.  They came to the nearest mall from the place I stay.  See, they were so nice!  Of course, they are nice too!  And so, we went to The Mines.  It doesn't look like huge mall to me but the food corner is so huge and I almost can't resist to eat eat and eat.  FML
They said wanna meet at 10am, so I went there at 10am something after breakfast.  Debbie was pissed and nag at us for eating breakfast ourselves but not with her.  Haha!  Friends or Food, of course I will choose food, that's why I went for tomyam that morning. =p

After accompany her for breakfast, we went to buy movie tickets and then walk around while waiting for the movie.  Actually I thought of finding a place where we can sit there for like 1 or 2 hours and we will talk talk talk for that 2 hours, but since she suggested to watch movie, so we went.  (Lynn told me that Debbie suggested to have movie because I mentioned earlier that best outing must include a movie session.  wtf!  But honestly, I thought we could have lots of things to say, I mean girls' talk, cause it has been awhile we hadn't talk like we used to in hostel.)
Watched movie that wanted so much by Debbie and Lynn.  I didn't want to watch the movie but since they want to watch so much, so I just joined.  (I wanted to watch other movie cause I knew that I wouldn't be able to watch movie after this even after I come back to Kuantan.)  If you live in Kuantan for so many years, you will find out that everything in KL is expensive!  It is true that you can get lots of first trend or fashion in KL, but if you are not working like me (jobless), KL life is really torturing.  A movie ticket cost me RM13 which I will not be able to spend that much in Kuantan.  The most expensive also RM11 only (on public holiday).
I didn't really watch that movie.  I don't watch scary movie.  I watch when I really want to know what happen inside, even if I watch I will cover my face with hands, trying not to be scared by those scary scene.  Poor Lynn were bullied by me in the cinema, and I'm freaking lying on her shoulder.  I wish she is taller so I will be more comfortable. wtf.

Debbie didn't cut (or trim) her hair for more than 10 months and her hair started to become yellowish and looked unhealthy.  So she went to trim and do treatment on her hair.  Ask her how much she had to pay for that.  She paid that much but at the end from what Lynn and I saw, the length of her hair remain the same but after treatment her hair no longer yellowish.  Is that illusion or what?... Hurmp...

While waiting for Debbie, Lynn and I took some pictures, but I am not going to post all the pictures here.  (Debbie is going to mad at this saying that why I only take picture with Lynn but not her. XD)
When I was watching movie, my family went to have lunch at Bar B Q Plaza.  Damn shit lo!  I really wanted to eat at there so much.  Fine! gonna find a time to go eat next time.  Now you can see the real me, I am a person who always ask for food anytime anywhere.  I'm the famous food hunter in the house where nobody can beat me!  Lol

Ate home cook maggi mee that night as dinner.

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