Thursday, November 1, 2012

KL Trip, Day 8

This is about the last day in KL, but I found that I got nothing to share.  Therefore, this will be a super boring post.  If you are very sure that you want to continue reading, then click read more link, but if you don't want to continue, then just close this window.
Thank you very much. =D

27th is the important day for sis for the whole trip I guess.  Guess if you are one of the K-POP fans, you should know that 27th of October, Big Bang held a concert in Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia.  Yeah, they came to Malaysia.  And yeah, my sis went to their concert. wtf.
They went out early in the morning at around 10am and back home at nearly 2am.  Okay, Big Bang fever.

Since uncle and auntie had their own business to do, so we can only go to the super super near mall because we don't know how to go other places. wtf.  Went Jusco Selatan that day, bro went to watch movie while mommy and I continue to shopping.
Seriously, I wasn't sure whether is because too tired after hang out for so many days or what, because I felt super lazy to shop.  I mean lazy as in lazy to try up all the clothes to mix match and choose.

Alright, shopping made me feel boring already but food still always the best choice to me. wtf
Tired of walking, so went to J.CO to had yogurt ice-cream while waiting for bro.  Oh by the way, I bought shirt there too!  It is very cheap yo!  RM20 for 2 pieces of shirt!!!
Okay, I really got nothing to write dy.  #facepalm.jpg

Okay, guess I don't have to write much about the journey back to Kuantan on the next day.

Right, good night bye.  

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