Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thick Face wtf

I'm gonna be super thick face this time. wtf.  I really can't believe I'm doing this but yes I'm doing it NOW!

Okay, let's start.  
You are now reading my blog, right? (how silly am I, of course you are reading my blog, if not you wouldn't be able to see what I'm writing here. wtf!  Sorry, something wrong with me lately.  Maybe I've been too long didn't refresh my brain. wtf)
Go to the NuffnangX there to follow me please... I only got a followers. fml.  So pity lo! wtf.  It is a good thing to follow me because you can know things about me (wtf) and you can sometimes get to see who I gossip to (wtf wtf).  Okay la, I really don't know what is so good about my blog also.  Just go and follow la.  I need some followers leh. wtf.

Another thing is please go to the ads and help me click!  I am lack of money recently and need your help!  Just click the ads and I can earn money!  If I earn more I'll treat you makan!  I promise!!!  wtf.


I know there is nothing you can find in my blog, I know you can only read my blog when you are free as appetizer only, not main course.  fml.
But PLEASE, you help will be super appreciated by me!  Lol!

ps: really can't believe I'm doing this.  wtf.  (some kind of breakthrough, I guess)

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