Sunday, November 11, 2012

'He' is now Half Naked

I like to wear new clothes, that's why I shop a lot and I'm now bankrupt.  #okay
Since I'm bankrupt, so I don't have extra to buy clothes for myself and so I help my blog to wear new clothes. wtf.

'He' actually looks like this.
I'm not sure whether is 'he' or 'she' but since I'm a girl, so I would like to call my blog as 'he'.  I know that the color above didn't match him and I had force 'him' to use this clothes for almost 2 years.  Yeah, 'he' always complain about that, just I don't really want to bother him.

For me, blog should be simple and simple.  'He' is a platform for me to express no matter happy, sad, anger, or whatever stuffs, so I prefer 'him' to be simple and simple. (wtf)  And so suddenly I feel wanna do something on 'him' this morning at 5am.  Seriously no joking.  I woke up at 5 am this morning then check up whether my drama all finish download.  Then start to hunt for nice nice clothes for 'him'.  At the end I don't think he likes clothes out there, so I am thinking of designing a nicer clothes for 'him'.  
AND since I don't have enough material to make 'him' new clothes, so I decided to ask 'him' to wear underwear first before having something on 'him'.  Well, 'he' did complain to me that 'he' will feel cold without a proper wear but I just ignore 'him'. Hahahahaha! (evil)

So 'he' is now half naked.
I can hear 'he' is now so angry and pissed off with me.  Hahahahaha!!!
I will give 'him' a proper wear soon, but not now cause I'm too tired after designing 'his' underwear. wtf.  

ps: or should I let 'him' be naked?  =P

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