Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Random One

I'm still thinking what to put in my blog.  Really salute those who always create website or customize webpage as their career.  I wonder how they survive looking at those non-human language and figure out themselves for like don't know how many hours sitting in front of the PC or laptop.  They really geng!

Don't say I'm geng too because my blog skin is nice! (I know 'he' is actually nice. =p) I don't really 'create' my blog skin myself.  I just take the template give in blogspot and go to the customize area there to customize.  That's it.  I always tend to go for easy way instead of figure out the real way.  fml.
Really feel shame to admit that I studied in IT field.  #facepalm

Okay, things that I haven't do for my blog is the header and the background.  I think 'he' are too plain now although I know 'he' is handsome already.  Hahahaha!  I want to put something else on it so it will look like mine although I know it is not belong to me in real life.  wtf.
Hopefully tomorrow can finish everything, so I don't have to do it in grandma's house.  (yeah, will be going to grandma's house soon for few days. )

Okay, I wanna put some stupid but adorable picture of me. wtf.  Don't vomit blood yo!
I bet Lynn will say, ba zi mei!!!  Lol!

Yo!  I am wearing the shirt I bought in Sabah!!!  
Cartoon monkeys are always cute.  

I have just rewatch Paranormal Activity 3 which I watched in hostel last time with Lynn and Deb.  I can't believe I still got scared with the scary scene although I had already watch once!  Gosh.. pray that I don't have insomnia tonight and pray that I can have super good night sleep till the next morning.

Good Night~

ps: call me tikus! wtf
ps: Happy Deepavali!!! 

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