Monday, November 5, 2012

Poops wtf

Let me warn you first.  The topic of this post is very disgusting.  If you feel geli or what, don't blame me.  I already written as topic above 'POOPS', so of course this post is going to be full with poops content.  So be ready to feel disgusting if you insist to continue to read.

Recently I keep searching on information about poops. wtf.  I know I'm disgusting but I got no choice but do 'research' myself.
Sure some of you might think why I want to be so disgusting to search all that information.  I have to because my poops not nice. wtf.

Since I come back from Labuan, I don't remember my poops are nice and look like banana, all I remember is my poops are watery. wtf.  (I know this is disgusting)  At first I thought maybe is because staying too long in East Malaysia and I couldn't get use to the environment here in Peninsular, that's why.  But when I say it has been almost 4 months plus since I back to Peninsular from Labuan, don't you think it is a little bit too long to say I can't get use to the environment here?

So I went to search lo and so many possibilities come out.  I think mine is because of digestion problem because like today I drank more water than usual and I went toilet to do business for 3 times.  But of course the amount of poops are different la, the amount become lesser.  Guess what I saw kiwi's seed and tomato in my poops on the second time. wtf.  (don't vomit!)

I'm trying to be super healthy for this week and see what will happen to my poops.  Okay la, I should  end this disgusting post already.  Lol!

ps: wish me luck. xoxo

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