Friday, November 16, 2012

'He' is Handsome and Tasty Now

Finally I changed my header to something.  Seriously it takes me so long to complete it!  I really don't understand how model spend their time on photo shooting, because I find it really super tiring!  :s

Since I want some different header, so I asked sis to give me a favor where she has to take picture of me.  It was like disaster you know, she isn't a good camera girl because she seldom play with camera (camera here I mean normal camera which we don't have to do any setting but just made everything in auto mode), so she doesn't know how to adjust the angle.  Angle is very important because different angle could bring different image and different sense of the beauty.
(wow!  sound like I'm a pro!  Sorry, I'm not.  I just always play with phone camera when I want to take picture of mine.  Lol!  You know la... camwhore. wtf)
She doesn't know how to use the camera apparently, almost all the picture taken from the camera are blurred....
So decided to use phone to take pictures.  Surprisingly, the result from phone camera is much better, at least the pictures not that blur.  Haha!
Seriously, we were like spent for almost an hour to take all the pictures.  I don't think is nice or maybe is because I have to find my own angle and poses because she doesn't know how!  wtf.

Nevermind, I still can have my own way to do it.  Creative is all that need! =)

I have few design for my header actually, but I chose the current one as you can see above.  Let me show you the other two designs that I have created.
Super lame hor...  Haha!
I wanted to do something on the background too, but I really do till pek cek dy.  My skills are not that advance yet, so maybe next time! Hahaha!  Then I went to the template there to look for ready made background and I found this super tasty candies as my background! Hee~

Sweet hor~!

I wanted to put this one, but apparently it doesn't look nice when I view from my blog.  Er, maybe some other time when I got better idea?  =p
Cute ma? =p

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