Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Better Than Photoshop!

I found a software that you can edit your picture without using photoshop!  Usually when people want to edit picture, or making a picture into a flawless skin, they will have to use photoshop!  Now I found another way of doing that without photoshop. 

Maybe you had already seen this ages ago, but I still would like to share this 'great' news here!  Go to this link and if you want to try out, go download the software.  I think that software really cool! =)
Cool right!  I think really cool lo! It is like you are putting the make up yourselves!  From a naked face into a full make up face!  Gosh, I no need to make up any more next time cause I can fill up the make up later by using this software before upload into the web!  Lol!
You can even change the size of the face like the above picture, make your eyes look bigger and make your mouth smaller!  You can even change the iris color!  Cool!!! How can you not using this software!  Really got no reason for not to download the software. wtf.

And then the normal Mei Tu Xiu Xiu has it newest version already.  You can also edit or put on make up by using this software also.  The only different is this one can carry and paste as in you can choose the eye lashes that you want and put on the place you want.  While the above software is already set the place at the very first place when you open the picture.  
See you want easy way or difficult way jek.
Left is edited by using Mei Tu Xiu Xiu while the right is without editing.  I changed the hair color, put fake eye lashes, blushes, and lip color!  I even managed to change my skin color and make myself a flawless face!  Really salute people who created this software!  They make my life easier! =)

Fast fast go download and you will have nice picture without using that difficult photoshop! =p
To be Photoshop is for this super pro people like graphic designer because there are too many tools that I find it difficult to use.  Yeah, have to admit that I'm not the pro group! Lol!

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