Saturday, November 10, 2012

Me, The Emotional One

Friends are planning to have BBQ on the next Wednesday.  They were so nice and invited me along, I wasn't in a mood, that's why I rejected.  Alright, I really do feel sorry about the rejection but I really don't think I want to go on that night because the excitement of having party like this gone and I don't want to ruin everybody mood on that night.  So, I made my own decision.

Right, back to the topic.

Being emotional has become a habit where I can't get rid off yet.  Maybe one day I can be fully cold-blood where the brain will be the controller of all.  No more emotional me.  I really can't imagine that from happen.  
Why want to be cold-blooded?  
Seriously sometimes being too warm might put yourselves in danger or maybe into a situation that you never wish to.  I faced that before where I can't hardly control my emotion where you can say with low EQ (wtf) and throw my temper out of sudden.  Maybe it is hard to believe me because you tend to see me smiling every time or laughing around but I can be so fierce sometimes.  
(even students are afraid of me.)

I'm still me anyway, just for those who don't know me definitely don't know that I'm a person who come fast and also leave fast where I get angry or pissed fast but I feel nothing in super short time.  Like if you and I quarrel during a meal and I got pissed, but before the meal ends, I don't get angry anymore.  

Now you know why I said I'm too emotional.  

ps: if things got serious (I mean really serious), I don't think I can release my anger just like that.  

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