Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Remember I posted a post about cute plushies?  If you notice, I mentioned in that post that I want to make a cute tofu plush for a friend of mine.  Guess some of you might know who is that.
Actually I should have given it to him before my convocation, but something turned up and I have to postpone the 'giving ceremony' until today.

It was damn awkward actually but I don't know why the awkward moment just gone when I meet him.  Anyway, I did pass 'that person' the tofu plush, a white one instead of black one because the black on is ugly. wtf
Cute right?!  I think they are cute!  Just my skill is not that good yet to sell to the market!  Lol, maybe should try something more creative so they can ignore my skills but more marks on my creativity!  (good idea isn't it?! Hahahaha)
Still making this is really tiring especially when you are repeating the same action for so many times, but I think I have another way of making my own present, which I can save my brain from thinking what to give as birthday present!

Let's see who is the next birthday girl/boy in the calendar~  Ah-hah!  Let's make one~  (If I have to mood to. =p)

ps: should be lucky for those who receive this cause I don't think I will simply make this.

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