Thursday, November 29, 2012

Singapore Trip Ended

Miss me?  I bet YES!  Lol!  
For those who don't read my blog I don't think they know that I went to Singapore!  They find me in whatsapp wondering where I have been missing for almost a week without checking-in in Facebook.  (I couldn't connect to the Internet while I was in Singapore!)

Before I start with my Singapore Trip post, I think I shall share this in my blog first.  Did I ever mention that I have a little cousin who was born last year and now he is one year old!  Believe or not, I never get to meet him since he was born due to I was still study 'overseas'.  So since his birthday is 24 of November, so I decided to go for a visit!
Isn't he cute?!  The first time I know him was a year plus ago where that time he was still in the stomach.  I talked to him when he was in the stomach!  (you definitely can imagine that the way I'm talking to stomach!)
Now he is a year old!  Super active little boy who also having the same horoscope as mine!  No wonder he is so like me!  (I mean as in personality!) Someone seems to be jealous on this and find that's annoying when every time I mention this.
A friend of mine even said that he looks like my kid!  Lol!  I never admit that I like kids although sometimes they are annoying when you have to clean their shit where they don't know how to describe how they feel or what they want, but when you really understand them, you definitely know and understand each and every movement they do.  

Somehow I don't think their cries annoying because I feel super geng when I successfully made them stop crying. (I don't cover their mouth and force them to stop crying one okay. )
I am missing him already, waiting for the time come until the next meeting with him! <3 p="p">

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