Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phewtick - The Meet-Up Diary

This Phewtick is actually an apps that you can find in Apps Store or Google Play.  I think it is still new but I am sure that there are lots of people out there started to use this apps already.  
From the website of Phewtick, you can see that it is a tool that help recording down all the meetings and meet-up with friends who also use this app.  
(for more details, go see yourselves. =p)
I've tried out this apps for awhile since last month, but I was staying at home, didn't go out to meet anybody, plus my phone got no data so even I'm out from the wi-fi zone, I don't think I can use that apps also.  So I couldn't gain or earn any points.  

It is actually like once you meet someone who also have the apps, you can scan the QR code and then you will get the points!  Points can be collected to earn money.  I don't know about whether this is true or not la, but it shows that you can get money in RM but you firstly need to have paypal account.  
AND then only you can get your money from Paypal.  

Since I got no harm by trying this, so I am now trying to convince my sis to use this app so I can scan with her. wtf. (I really don't know how to earn points if I don't do it this way!)
No matter I will earn money from this or not, it will be just part of the 'entertainment' la, scan lai scan qu.  Then when you see the money is like already more than RM100, try to take out from paypal.  If really can't then ma donate lo!  

No harm right?!

So don't wait la, if you have smartphone, and you wanna try out, fast fast go install the apps down and go scan around to earn your first point!  

Good Luck.

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