Wednesday, November 21, 2012

He Moved To Heaven

First time ever.  I never been to funeral (except for relatives') and this is the first time I went.  
Got the news early in the morning, saying that he has gone.  Immediately tears dropped from my eyes. Quickly wipe off my tears (because Ms Kan said don't cry in the message) and then tell bro about the news, again tears drop.  Seriously hate to cry when heard someone passed away, especially when someone who seems to be so strong in front of you.
He never wanted us to put his picture in public.
He was my supervisor during my 3 months training in the previous company.  I swear I never meet someone like him before.  He was a super nice person, superior.  He taught me lots of things not just regarding knowledge in IT field but also life principles.  He had gone through lots of challenges and you can say his life was full with up and down.  When you were listening to his story, you will wonder, is he telling lies or making story or that's his life.  I believe that there aren't many people in the world out there could do or go through what he had gone through.  Tough life to him but you would say it as interesting life journey.

He was same age with my father, that's why when I was talking to him, I have the feeling of talking to daddy where the only different is daddy never tell me about life principles but he did.  I even felt jealous when I see his love towards their children and wife.  The way he educated his children, the way he loved them.  All I can say he was a very responsible person, not just towards the family but also his career.  
If I hadn't been told that he has gone, I wouldn't be able to believe that the person lying in the coffin is him.  A person who looks so healthy in front of you, suddenly he is now lying in the coffin.  I don't dare to look at his picture for more then 2 seconds, because I am sure that my tears will flow out and I don't want to cry like baby there.  

Can't really sleep well last night even until 2am something I still couldn't fall asleep.  I kept dreaming of him being alive and talking around.  Obviously I started to miss him.  Sometimes we wonder why such nice person can just gone like that?  Well, guess what's the reason we gave to ourselves?  Because the God doesn't know how to use Ipad, Iphone as Steve Jobs was in the heaven creating ipad and iphone, so He wanted someone good in IT to teach Him how to use all those advanced technology gadget.  That's why He took him.

I really do think that his daughter is so strong where I didn't see her sitting in a corner crying but she was went around helping her mother and did stuffs that she should be doing like talking to relatives, consoling them.  Tough right.  I think if this happen to me, I might hide in the corner and cry like baby.  So immature of me.  sobs.

Went to his house last night.  Looking at the rocks on the floor, I was sitting there last month!  Enjoying the BBQ and chatting session that time.  Everybody is holding a cup of juice or alcoholic drinks.  It was just a month ago.  A MONTH.  My tears almost came out and quickly turn my head to the other side from thinking the scene.  Guess, after this once I think of the previous company, I will think of him.  :')

Rest in peace, I will never forget you in the rest of my life and I am so proud and glad that I manage to meet you in my life. 

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