Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Compound Ever! wtf

I never receive any compound before until today.  Seriously this had make me feel like worst day in my life.  So damn emo lo!

Driving back to grandma's house with sis today just because mommy asked for it.  I told mommy that I don't feel wanna go back grandma's house just because I don't feel wanna go back.  And then the road block happen right before I was going to reach grandma's house which is another half an hour distance away.

Really so hak zai (back luck).  I knew the traffic jam is because of road block but I didn't know that I'm one of the 'victim'!  Really fml.  The break light at the back is not functioning and that's the reason they gave me compound.  I swear to light bulb, I really don't know that the break light is malfunctioning la!  T_____________________T

Aih *pout*

Once I got the compound, I was crying like baby while continue driving.  I don't know why I cry till like that la that time, but now I'm still damn emo.  I think because I got scared and don't know what to do so the only reaction after I got back into my car with the compound.  
Passed the compound to sis who sat beside me and she read.  She saw the word 'mahkamah' (court) and then she read a loud.  I have to go to the court even after I pay for the compound!?  
I became even more nervous and scared.  
They want me to go court just because of the malfunction of the break light at the back?!  
(I couldn't think properly already)

Damn depressed.  T______________T
The more I think, the more I scared.  Then tears come out without my notice.  Aih...  The worst thing is I have to pretend nothing happen when I reach grandma's house WITH SMILE!  Seriously, feel lagi depressed lo!
Put the super fake smile on my face and pretending I'm busying with my phone when they were talking to me.  Until I really can't tahan already then I went into room and pretend to sleep.

Sigh... Suffering from depressing and suffering from pretending.  My life really sucks.

Thinking of the positive way, I have to be super careful in the future to avoid all this unnecessary payment.  Calm down, Cai Yi... Calm down.  Nothing is worst than facing an road accident because of the malfunction of the break light at the back.  So I kept saying thank you to the police officer (traffic officer?  I don't know) for informing me that my break light at the back is not functioning.

Silly hor?  Saying thank you and smiling in front of them (actually I can feel my legs were shaking) and then cry in the car after I got the compound.  wtf.

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