Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Desperately Need A Job NOW

Everybody has their job already I guess, at least they have been called up for interview.  Really FML as I am still unable to find one.  I have already started to feel boring for staying at home now.  I started to find out there is nothing to do at home except for chating online, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and drama.  Seriously find this really lifeless.

Friends are working now and even some of them told me that they were called up to attend interview.  Okay, I know I've been being too choosy that's why I didn't get to work now.  Gosh, it is really difficult to find job now, maybe I should consider to go work as cleaner. wtf. 

I narrowed my searching area to Kuantan only, I know that this might become the main reason of why I couldn't get any job now but I really hope I can stay in Kuantan and continue my tuition class next year as part time.  Seriously I don't find it tiring but I enjoy the teaching lesson although I will be working for almost 12 hours a day if I start my tuition class.

So now my daily routine is to find jobs in jobstreet or other job search engine and get myself a job.  Seriously have to find something to do or I will be dead because of boring.  
Anyone who know where or any company that has vacancy please let me know so I can send my resume there to try some luck there.  

Thanks in advance.

ps: really fml

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