Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thick Face Block My Sleepiness wtf

The face too thick until it makes me insomnia?  omfg.  It has been first time after so many years, I never feel this suffer because of insomnia.  I know the last time I insomnia was like 3 months ago but the situation is so much difference.  2am... wtf

It is so unusual of me seeing me still awake at this time, I am pretty sure those who know me well know that I don't really like to stay up late to do anything but willing to get up early to do anything.  This is really like disaster to me when I can't manage my sleeping time.  If I ruined my bed time, everything on the next day will be ruined.

I wanted to go jogging later together with mommy as she has been nagging me for long because I didn't go jogging since I come back from travel and vacation and also convocation.  So I planned to sleep early (at 11pm) so I can wake up on time although I kept telling mommy that I don't want to go due to no water. (Got no water since early in the morning on 3rd of November, Labuan life. FML)  The worst thing is I can't sleep now and I don't think I will be able to go for morning jog tomorrow.  Seriously fml this time.  And what I said earlier to mommy that I don't want to go really come true!  wtf.

I bought a book, which I think it is kinda famous because it is costly. wtf.
Gonna start reading soon, because someone already wants to borrow from me.  Guess it is really famous! LoL!
Really realize that when I'm still studying, I don't read because I think reading on school books already make me suffer.  When I'm working, I don't read because of too busy.  But now I'm so free and I freaking like to spend time on reading!  I consider that as good thing la.  

Some of you might think why don't want just turn on the laptop and search for E-book to read.  I seriously dislike reading words from laptop, because I don't think I will bring laptop into the washroom to read when I'm doing business in there.  HAHAHAHAHAHA
So a physical reading material is much better to me, at least I have something to hold and I can use my freaking bookmark.  Lol!  

wtf!  It is already almost 3am, I think I really have to get on my bed and force myself to sleep already. Or else I don't think I will wake up on time tomorrow and mommy will definitely scold me for waking up so late.  

ps: Mr. Chou, please spend your time to meet me in my dream, thank you!

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