Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am very scare at the moment actually.
I scare of when all my friends went to University and left myself alone.
I know you always see me happy go lucky face, actually I scare most when I am alone.
The feeling scares me.
I also don't know why.
I am really afraid to be alone.
Being alone when I was working.
Being alone when I was driving.
Being alone when I was reading story book. (especially when I was going to sleep) I scare the people in the story book will come out to the real life. (it is not because after I watched Inkheart)

I am a person who love to say nevermind.
But actually I very mind of it although I am controlling myself not to be mind of it.
I don't know why.
It is true that the monk say, I am the person who can laugh very loudly in front of everybody and pretend to be very happy and actually when I was alone I will think alot.
Even my friends and my family do not know this.
I think I'm very good in acting.
I think I should just join to learn how to act.

I still remember when Meei Siew told me that some of the friends were boycotted me, I pretend I was very well but I cry everytime I bath for a week, I keep thinking of that although the incident had already past for so long.
I must admit that I am a person that very mind of how people think of me.
How people treat me as.

Lots of my friends they already found their best friend, but I never find one.
It is very difficult to find one.
Life is just complicated and difficult although you have try the best to make them simple.


  1. Don't think so mush la....
    You're not alone...because I/we still keep reading ur blog ,know what is happening on u...
    If u really scare alone...then...
    my suggestion:
    1. always update ur blog...
    2. go pakto

    i will be happy if u choose the second....haha...

    ok la...keep ur smile

  2. ooo~ we are the same.

    No best friends, no one to share when you need to share something.

    Maybe thats why im blogging here. kaka.