Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earlier Celebration

It wasn't the first time I celebrate birthday with mummy, but this is the first time I celebrate her birthday earlier than the date as usual.

Yup, that's why I went to make a birthday cake for my mummy. Well this is the first time and I think it will be the last time I make cake unless I find a special person then I will break this rule and make a cake for him/her.

Well for me, cake is very delicious but not this one. I never make cake for anyone before. I just cook a meal for someone and she is the same person that I make cake for her.

I woke up early in the morning, quickly bring out the cheese cake from the fridge and pull down the aluminium foil and the cake looked like this.

Then I added crandberries on it.

Add some whipped cream, isn't it look cute??

I do not know why when I reach home from Bai Nian, the cake become like this... Oh so sad...

I sang birthday song with mummy just now, she just smile. I know that she felt very happy but she just doesn't like to show it on her face. I do not know why every time I sang birthday song to her, I will feel my tears running out from my eyes. But this time, I controlled them well, they didn't come out after all.

After singing, and cutting the birthday cake, we tried out a piece each. I think it is okay cause I'm still new in this, but mummy and sister said that it is not nice and they do not like it. I feel so sad. I think it is because the taste of it is totally different from the cheese cake that you usually bake it. This cheese cake is make without oven for your information. I brought some of the cheese cake to Hui Yuan and her family to let them to have a try on it because she had taught me the way to make it.

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  1. Oh, okay, the cake wasnt bake using an oven so it became a cheese cake. WEIRD!!!!