Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss One Class

I have decided to miss today's class just to attend a talk about insurance. I gave the class today to Hui Yuan. That's means that I pay RM25 for the Insurance Talk. But I think it is worthy.

I know that involve in Insurance is not a very good choice, because it is a very tough job. But I want to earn money. They said when you start your first year in insurance, definitely you will still earn as same as others. But if you continue your job you will success one day.

Sometimes I think I am not qualified to choose to involve in Insurance. I must admit that I am a lazy person, but as an agent, he/she must be very hardworking to find others to buy insurance.

Anyway, I'll try my best!!! Just think about my family and my pocket. I'll change myself!!!


  1. I've seen one successful insurance agent. Actually she's always around me.

    She got split personality...