Friday, February 13, 2009


I has been tough two days. A teacher from my Taska there got some family problems and had to take lift for 2 days which is on Thursday and Friday.

In this two days, Hui Yuan and I were really very tired. Actually in the morning I take care of standard 1 students, Hui Yuan take care of standard 2 students and the teacher take care of standard 3 students. So we have to take care of more students each this two days.

I can't even have a good time to have my lunch. Everytime when I eat, for sure the children will chit chat till very loud and I must scold them louder then they talk and punish them. And now I got sore throat because of them!!! But for sure that I think they are very scare of me already.

Yesterday is better because in the afternoon session, Hui Yuan was in Taska here. Which means that it is still enough teacher for afternoon session and we can rest abit in the afternoon. But today Hui Yuan got to go to Nursery 2 because there is lack of teacher in the afternoon. There is a teacher took holiday. I was like OMG!!! God, I need to handle 2 classes in a time, standard 5 & 6. It is so tired!!!

Just hope that the teacher can quickly done all her family problems and come back to work. We really need her alot. Pray for her!!!

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