Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big Boss Is Back!!!

That's right, the big boss of my work there is back from Australia. She is the boss who already a PR in Australia and she was my teacher when I was in the Nursery too.

Actually this is the first time I see her since I started my work on January. Before that was her husband who manage all the important thing in the Taska. It has been nearly a month that I work in the evironment without a Boss. And now she is here.

Telling the truth is actually I am glad to see her but I feel stress at the same time. I don't know why I got such feeling, maybe is because I need to do better than usual. Cannot do things so simply already.

Before I went back home, I heard that there is a teacher is going to leave because she got a better salary in other job. When I heard that I really feel du*** because she is the one who make Hui Yuan need to go to Nursery 2 (teach year 4 & 5) in the afternoon. Then she back here, Hui Yuan is happy cause she can stay in Nursery 3 (standard 4-6) in the afternoon. And now she going off just because she got a better salary at the other place. How can she be that selffish and because of her all the teacher need to change their position. Stupid her. But I can't do anything at there. What can I do is hope that Hui Yuan will not going back to Nursery 2 and stay at Nursery 3 in the afternoon although the other teacher back to work.

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