Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Student

Having tuition yesterday night and I saw a new face in my standard 4 classroom. So I went to ask Ms. Cheng, she said that he will be my new student and I need to be more patient to him cause he is a bit slow.
After she said that, I was thinking that 'oh, one more headache student'. I know I am very bad to think that but in my class, there are 2 students are very troublesome. They always make me headache. They really make me old many many years.

But what surprise me is the little boy is really very clever. The first thing I asked them to do when I walked into the classroom yesterday was wrote down all the multiplication timetable into the exercise book from 2 to 10 in 10mins. After 10mins, only a girl and the new boy managed to finish them in time and they did it all correct. I was like wow!!!
After the Math period finished, I continue the Science period. The new boy also can answer every question that I gave. The answer that he gave was almost the same as the answer sheet at the back, just he is very weak in his English, that's all.

Really can't believe that a boy that can't talk properly and listen properly is very good in his result especially Math and Science. Lol.
Really can't see a person on surface ny... Lol

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  1. Oh, a headache teaching a clever student. How irony. Haha!