Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday went to Harn Wei's house to have a briefing on insurance thingy, cause I am thinking to buy insurance for myself. After discuss about the prize and the package of the insurance, her mother told me about become an agent of insurance.

She explained to me the way they get money and the difference between Graduates and Insurance Agents. Actually I really got attracted by the Insurance thingy cause it can really earn more money than normal person who work for others. But the problem is I don't think I can make it cause I am not the type of person that she has been saying.

She said to be an Agent, that person must be more hardworking than others. The person who want to become a successful agent, he/she must not have attitude that like to lepak lepak and go for kopitiam at night. After I think this I am sure that I'm not that qualified, cause I am a person who love to hang out with friends.

But mummy said that don't make decision too early, let's wait until the result out first than you spend your time to think about it. Okay. Maybe mummy is right. Cause I am sure that I'm a person that couldn't stick on a thing for too long. For example, maybe I want to learn piano today but after few weeks, I will feel bored on pianoing or maybe I love others...

Sigh, until now I got no idea on what I should take. I think all the friends, I'm the only one who still remain blur on what I'm going to study soon. Oh no...

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