Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Day

This morning before I reach Nursery 2, the 'chef' tell Hui Yuan and I that we no need to care about the two children anymore cause the parents said that the children need to do finish their homework and tuition homework before can start to do their work at there.

Actually I feel very du*** lo. Cause the two children are very naughty children and not very good in their studies. So Hui Yuan and I decided to ignore this two children and just let them do whatever they want. When I think of this I feel so happy cause I can see the two children's future. I promise that their mother will sure regret on what she had done...

Then later I having lunch before 11.30am there and we forgotten to ask the children out to wait car at the waiting compound and cause a girl miss her transport to school. Lol, but since there are lots of children who study in the same school, so she tumpang others car.

Haih, feel that today is a really bad day for saggitarious, cause Hui Yuan and I got no mood after that. But I recover soon cause I am open minded but this doesn't mean that I will forget this incident. Hui Yuan still look emo about the incident. But then, after this incident we can see the workers' attitude more clearly. This make us think that we really cannot judge a person in just a one look.

Well, may be this is also a good thing because we can see thru their faces and know their really attitude. Then next time we can be more careful on how to face those evil people....

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