Sunday, February 22, 2009


Waking up very late today although I went to sleep at 10pm last night. Guess I woke up at what time today? I woke up in nearly 10am this morning. It really break my record because I never sleep for so long at night. It is nearly 12 hours man, means that I have spend half day in dreaming and sleeping.

After finished my breakfast alone. I didn't eat breakfast with my family today because of my laziness. Haha, they wake up earlier than me and they had their breakfast outside then they only 'da bao' for us. I even have to reheat my breakfast when I woke up because the breakfast already become cold. =.=|||

Then bring out my 'doctor job course and job' to read through the course that maybe I going to take. Erm... I think I wanna take Media Technology. But it is not a famous course in Malaysia. Only UUM available. Oh, which means that the probability is really very very low....


Lots of course in UPU form that I got no idea about that. When I reached the page that need to fill in the courses that I need to choose. But at this moment I got no idea about it yet, need to ask Miss Irene about that though. Then I click on the 'back' in the page, it become the first page of the UPU form. Shit!!! wtf

I really sienz liao see like that. Now what can I do is wait. Waiting for STPM result out then I only can fill up all the information and the courses.

By the way, please give me some idea on what should I take because I really need some guide and sometimes people beside me sometimes are more clearly understand myself than me.

Wish me luck!!!

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