Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blue Moment

Just finished my lin chi kang with harn wei just now. Chatting for more than an hour at there. Chat about life with have been through each after STPM. How's our work recently and so on.

Reach home at around 11.30pm, it is quite late cause I drove out.
I know that it is noncense to say that.

When I reach home, the first feeling was I feel that the world seems like going to end. I got no idea why I feel that.

I cannot smile right now, things I want, everything I want never really come to me. Sometime I think why people can get it so easily but why I can only get them when don't really need them?
Why life need to be that difficult and complicated?

Really hope can get life that I love into it. Think deeply, I hope that I am still young little child in the age of 3-8 years old...


  1. we do think out of the box sometimes..

    do you ever think how you can move?

    do you ever think why you are controlling your every movement?

    i did

    not once


  2. i always think of how this world be create? I always think things that nobody can give me the suitable answer....