Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have decided to ask all the ex-uppersix friends out for yamcha. So I suggested this idea in Mgroup and only Min Ting agree with me. She is very kind enough and help me to call all the friends out. LOL

I want to call myself but I know that most of the friends dun really like me, so I think if I call them, they will defintely say they are not free and refuse to go. (This is just what I think). I wanted to ask someone to fetch me there, but seems like nobody willing to fetch me there. I asked Yi-Tsiang to fetch me there, but he didn't reply me...

I fetch Harn Wei there too. She wore very pretty that night. Lol. That night only MinTing, WeiXin, SiewLee, SuYing, WeiHong, Doris, EeLoe, HarnWei, Joe, ShengYau, Kee, EChern, and PheiE. (I hope I didnt miss someone else).

We chit chat alot yesterday and stay there for more than 2 hours. We talk about our temporary job, which is about the children. Talk about how they naughty. They took lots of pictures. I feel malu to take that time pula... wat de... Crazy.. haha

Although we didn't do anything there but I laugh till my mouth going to cramp liao... wakakaka, hope next time got Yam Cha again...

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