Thursday, February 19, 2009


There was a parent came to see me and asked me to let him see his son's exercise books at there. The boys parents are the famous parents that are very fussy. Is true!!!
There isn't any parents that ask to see what their child or children had done in the morning at Taska here. BUT his parents did!!!
I was very angry because got such parents that act like that!!! So I bring all the boy's book and all the exercise books to him.
The parent explain to me why his son always late to Taska (the boy always come at 9.30 am something and our class start 9 am). His reason is he scare his son will feel sleepy when he is studying in the school in the evening.
Oh... What a stupid reason. I told the parent that if his son come late, then I got no choice, I need to let his son to continue his work although others are gone for shower and lunch. But when a child got no friend to do work together, he will feel sad and got no mood to do that.
Luckily he know about it.
I don't care.
If tomorrow he come late again, I'll make the boy become the last person to shower and eat.

I gave my standard 1 children to write some Chinese word and I told them that I'll give them a reward if they can finish on that day and write neatly.
I told them I'll give stars that I have promise last time for those who get the most will get a present from me.
So they were all very hardworking doing their works that I gave.
But time pass so fast and it is time to shower.
So I asked them to keep and just left 2 boys.
A boy is he just came into the class 30 mins ago, so he must continue his work and another boy is he cannot shower with friends cause he will play water with others.
Suddenly I saw the boy's eyes (the boy that cannot shower with others) look strange and he seems sad.
So I bring him to a room and asked wat happen to him.
Oh shit!!!
He told me that he wants star.
So I ask him to finish the work the I'll give him star.
So funny!!!

At night I having tuition with student from standard 2 and teach them BM and BI.
HAving a lot of fun with those children when playing games with them about vocabulary.
But suddenly a student cried!!!
I got shock a little while that time. But very soon I understand why he cried.
It is because that he got the lowers marks in the game.
Oh dear!!! I scolded him and tell him that I let them play games is to have fun and not to see anyone crying. If anyone crying that's mean they don't like to play games.
After I scolded him, he keep quiet and continue palying... Hohoho, really funny.

After that when I was cleaning the board and keeping my bag ( is time to go back), a parent came and ask me about her daughter. How's her daughter.
I told her that her daughter is fine and she even can get the highest mark in the vocabulary games.
I was so nervous when talking to that parent but I think I handle it very well.
I talked in full of confident.

Is late now, and I need a good rest.
Bye all.
Dream well.
Sleep well.

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