Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Funny Little Thing During Work

I brought some beans with wasabi to work today. The purpose I bring that is to let Hui Yuan to have a try, but after she tried one she said it is spicy. Haha, if you really see her expression sure you will laugh.

When I was teaching the standard 1 students, I asked those students whether want to have a try on the beans. Most of them said yes. I did give them, but before I gave them to eat I told them that the beans are spicy. Although I have tell them this, but they still want to eat. After they tried that I told them not to drink water until they finish everything. Most of them quickly finished it then drink lots of water. Very funny.

When the students were taking their bath, and the class was only left 2 students. The 2 students told me that they want to eat some more. Lol, so I gave them and they eat until their face become red , blue, green.... Lots of colour came out...

Then in the afternoon class, there is a boy who his nick name is Ah Yo, he make lots of fun and jokes... Here, let me show you.

~Smile face~

~Sad face~

~Happy face~

~Angry face~

~Crying face~

~Scared Face~


~Cute face~

I think he is very talent in the facial expression. Isn't it?