Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, is true that today is Valentine's Day. Well I got nothing to do except attend my job this morning then tuition in the evening. Hmmm, actually it is really boring.
Well never think that my form 4 students will only half of them attend my class. Okay, just forgive them because today is Valentine's Day and maybe they got something to do. Lol..

Back to what I want to say. I got the news today when I was working. The teacher will only back for work on March. OMG!!! that means that Hui Yuan and I need to suffer for one more month. Oh no!!!
It is a tiring day today. Although today is Saturday but I spend an hour to finish my lunch. While eating my lunch, I still need to go out to look after them to make sure they are safely go into their school car. And this cause my ate 3 bowls of porridge there... Lol..

Since I got no program today, I spend my time with my family. I watch Ye Wen with them. I got no idea where my brother get that movie but I am sure that the movie is downloaded from internet.

I know that you will say that 'how come you so outdated de a... that movie so long time liao de, now only watch a...' I got no time to watch movie in cinema la... that's why I watch it now. This movie is really ganas man... I am glad that I didn't watch this movie in cinema because I think if I watch it in cinema sure I will scream in there... It is really very pain when I saw them fighting. The way they fight is really very 'can ren'.

After the movie I become boring again cause Mgroup got nobody there and all of them remain so silent... I think I should sleep early so than I can wake up early, cause I'm going for jogging tomorrow morning...

Good night!!!

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