Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gossip Again

Last night Handsome Goh nudge me in MSN after I finished doing my popiah. So I asked he what he wants and he said nothing it is just to free so he nudge me. wtf. I don't know how we started the conversation but it sound like that...

Yi-Tsiang: u like Joe a?

Me: har?? who say?? no!!!

Yi-Tsiang: o leong? u say first.

Me: cannot be, no, both oso no!!!

Yi-Tsiang: why leh?

Me: har... okay like la... just how I like all my friends lo... u oso de same la...

Yi-Tsiang: okay, so I change my question

Me: wat de....

Yi-Tsiang: you love joe or leong??

Me: =.=''

Me: both oso no!!!

Me: I love them just as how I love all my friends....

Me: happy now??

bla bla bla bla....

I really surprise when he suddenly asked me those weird weird questions. I also don't how to answer him that time... lol. wtf

Now I am wondering who asked him to asked me those stupid questions?? It is ridiculous... sigh...