Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Thing Happen

Never thought that today will be the first day to beat students by using rotan. A student came 5mins late from what he had promised us. He promised us that he will come at 8.45am but he came at 8.50am.

Then I went out to the door to look at his face expression when he is late. I never thought that his father will tell me that he didn't finish the homework that school teacher gave. I told his father that I check his homework but what I check is all finished. Okay that means that he hide some of his homework!!!

I scolded him the moment he came into the class. I asked him to bring his school bag in. I check his bag and found out that some of his homework got question mark that written by his school teacher. I counted the number of questions that he didn't finished and add with the number of answer that he gave wrongly during spelling and ejaan in school. All together is 24 questions. I've beaten him 24 rotans.

Then the rest of the students were so quite and remain their good behaviour. They were so afraid that I will beat them too. But at the end all also kena my rotan. This is because I asked them to copy the passage from the white board that I'd just written down, but the still can copy wrongly. So I beat them by counting how many mistakes that they had made.

When I was scolding them angrily, Hui Yuan came into my class and laugh at me. I can't laugh to her too much because I was still angrying with those kids. So I must continue pretending. I asked Hui Yuan to go out cause I still wanna scold them. I think it is just 5 mins, Hui Yuan came in again. This time she was still laughing but the way she walk is abit different.

She told me that she sit on her own toe. Do you know what I mean? I mean that when she sit on the chair, she accidentally put her toe under the chair and sit on it. Now her leg is bengkak and blue colour. Whenever I think that incident, I feel very funny. So do her. She keep laughing after her toe become like that although it is very painful.

So clumsy.... haih.... hahahaha

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