Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bai Nian 2

It is the second day we went to bai nian. Today we gathered at Kee's house. I managed to ask Hui Yuan to come along. She didn't want to follow at the first place but I said Leong is not going and I need to drive alone very kesian, so she follow liao lo... haha

I went out at around 10.10am which we actually had agreed to gather at 10am. Most of my friends had arrived Kee's house accept Yi-Tsiang, Sik Mei and Hui Yi. Talk about Kee make me think of his dog, Tommy. Tommy is the most coward dog I ever met (sorry kee). I haven't step into kee's house but Tommy had already started to bark at me. After I went into Kee's house compound and wanted to feed some food, Tommy keep running away from me. OMG, I never see dog that really so scare of human before. Lol...

Then we went to Leong's house. Leong was grounded today because he miss his promise yesterday. Poor thing. So we went to visit him at his house. His house compound is really very big and comfortable. Leong's kakak fried french fries and nuggets and also some agar-agar for us. They taste good. Then Joe remind us that Leong has a dog too. So I went to visit the dog. Poor thing the dog seem like it is been abuse (sorry, I didn't mean that). It is a Chi Wa Wa. But just imagine a Chi Wa Wa that has been pump in the air into his stomach. It is really fat, like Harn Wei's cat.

We wanted to go Yell Jing's house, but she wasn't at home.

So we went to Wei Xin's house. Wei Xin is my primary school teacher's daughter, so I managed to meet my teacher back. It is very happy. She also has a pet too. I forgoten the pet's name. But it is not a dog, it is a cat. The fur of the cat is really very pretty.

Then we went to Emily's house who stay nearby Wei Xin's house. Emily is really very clever. She seems to know a lot of things. She also very clever in doing all sorts of handi craft. No wonder they call her 'God'.

After that we went to Harn Wei's house which it is the last location for me cause I was very tired dy. We gamble at Harn Wei's house and I win again.. LOL. How come when I play with my cousins I always lost?? After playing for a while then I fetch Hui Yuan back and fetch myself back home.

I quickly had a quick clean of my house, cause they are coming to my house. I was very excited at that time. I never invite friends to my house during Chinese New Year and this is the first time because I usually will spend all the Chinese New Year time in my Granny's house. I was very very happy when they came to my house.

Hey all, come to my house more often, not just Chinese New Year. I love the feeling when you all come visit me..

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  1. You dont have to tell the world that I got grounded, you know.