Monday, February 9, 2009

Craping In MSN

I don't know since when I started to crap in M-group. Went to look back to the chat log to see when I started to crap like that... lol

I started when I change my nick name into damn joe, and everybody in ther thought I was him. It is really funny. When I was chating in the M-Group I keep on laughing. I really can't believe that they will think that I am Joe.

The most funny thing is Yi-Tsiang also cheated by me. I never expect that he will be cheated by me, cause he knows Joe very well and I think he knows Joe's personality too.
Then after that I keep using nick name that doesn't belong to me, and more people kena cheated this time.

I still remember got one time, Joe's nick name is monkey and my nick name is me. I don't know why this will make Hui Yuan think that monkey and me is also myself. She thought that I used two nick name. Lol...

Actually this in the only entertainment that I can have all this time after I got to work form morning till night. When I craping in M-Group, I feel happiness and I can feel I'm enjoying in there. Other time I was too borring, because everyday repeat the same thing.

I think things will keep on going until end of April cause I need to earn my own money to buy my own laptop. Haih...

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