Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alice In The WonderLand

I know you will say that I'm out-dated!
Hey! Stop laughing there!!!
I'm in this lonely island leh, so is not my fault for being out-dated la...

Since there is Earth Hour at 8.30pm till 9.30pm so we planed to watch movie at that time by using battery lo.  Cause we heard that the whole campus will be dark for that hour.  But mana tau, they didn't off the main suis.... And I failed to involve in the activity...

So at the end we still continue our movie at Syn Wei's room.
Before we watched movie, I went to Yu Jun's room to see them fashion show~

pretty right?? hahahax want to get know them??
be patient yea, you guys will see them if you attend SSIL Night~ =)

Okok, I know... Back to the topic.

I never get to know that Alice In The WonderLand will be this nice.  I thought this story will be very scary... cause in my memory, animals that can talk and all the creatures in the story are all very scary and I scare of them.  Really... ( Don't laugh!!!)
But after I watch this movie, I realize that I'm really naive and never give myself a try on this. Now I realize that this movie is really funny just some scene a little bit scary nia...

For those who never watch this movie, just go ahead to watch this. =)

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