Thursday, March 25, 2010

Somebody's Birthday~

Aiyo, Alvin Yan said (you can find out in my chat box) the font of my previous post is not nice wor…  Where got not nice wor, very nice leh…

Yesterday was Chai Fong’s birthday (wondering why everybody calling her ‘Cai Pao’ and I also follow them call her ‘Cai Pao’ xD), they planned up suddenly to go beach café to have dinner.  When they were planning, I was in the class wearing high heels and they want to go beach café right after the class!  Alright fine…
At the end, we had our dinner at Beach Café.  This time there were lots of them order mushroom chicken rice which is sizzling de.  So when the food were served, everybody ran far far away.  The scene was really funny la…

Those guys order RM10 of pisang goreng, wow!  Really a lot of them la… at the end, they cannot finished up the pisang goreng.  @@’’’

Here are some pictures of that evening~

The evening~ 

Cai Pao's cake~~~

The Birthday gal~

 The guys~~~

The Gals~~~

The whole gang~

here they are~, enjoying and laughing together. =)

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