Friday, March 12, 2010

Presentation or Examination

Between PRESENTATION and EXAMINATION, which one will you choose?  Or let's change the question, you prefer PRESENTATION or EXAMINATION??
For me, I want both...  Because presentation is easy to get marks but I hate to stand in front of so many people, I scare la~~~  Then examination, I hate to read books... I'm really lazy to do that!

Today I supposed to have 3 presentations to go.  First is with the representative of Timbalan Pendaftaran in the morning, presentation of Technopreneurship with our Tuan Pengarah, and our Communication Corporate presentation.  But at the end only 2 presentations were successfully presented.
First presentation is Technopreneurship which we have to present it to the representative.  I'm so sorry to our dear group members that I didn't help out in the presentation.  My character was like a secretary when you all were presenting.  I'm so sorry, that I didn't do my part well. *guilty*
Second was CC presentation.  The lecturer praise our group that we did a good presentation.  I think he said that because I got good image for him la...  L0l, he has my number and when got any announcement, he will inform me...  @@'''  (perasannya!!!)

Wah, I never know that I got such thick skin... xD
Syn Wei said this is the first time she feels no hate on the uncle lecturer... l0l, aiyoyo...
Syn Wei a, people praise a little bit, you ady feel no hate... If he praise more then you ma fall in love with him liao lo????  XD 

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  1. wuwu... T_T

    need to "zat" me like that meh, i forgive people easily only ma...