Friday, March 26, 2010

Tired Day Of Playing Around

Yeap, sometimes we really need to sacrifice.  I do sacrifice something today.  I sacrifice my assessment, my Technopreneurship assessment.  Is that consider a bad thing?  I hope not.  God Bless!!! 

Okayh, let the sad gone and welcome the happy.
Yesterday we went out to town.  This time I went out with Andrew, Edwin, Jacey, PeiJie, YuJun, SynWei and MC, yeap, that’s right all together got 8 of us~
With the purpose Syn Wei and I wanted to post letter, Andrew wanted to buy his new shoes(leather shoes), PeiJie wanted to buy her dress for SSIL night, Jacey wanted to bank in her cheque and others to accompany us, so we went out by mini bus, not shuttle bus.  (cause shuttle bus wasn’t available)

First, we went to post our letter.  Then go makan, then go help PeiJie to try up her dress~
Really sorry to make you all disappointed because I didn’t manage to take photo when she is changing (she is going to kill me if she reads this!!!)
But… there are always a but in a story~
I took some pictures when she is trying her shoes~  and but again, I didn’t took the exactly high heels that she bought! Hahahax

Here they are~

Pei Jie's first try of high heels~

then is all stupid pictures that simply capture...
very funny and silly~~~

we went out at 11am something but we came back at 4pm something, is really a long shopping day.  I thought my day will end just like that, but who knows that we went to the beach again~
we play at there without capturing any pictures...
we took lots of fun until YuJun's necklace lost into the sea...
LOST again... how many cases of LOST in this month huh??????!!!!!!!!!!!

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